Computer and information scientists at the ZBW conduct research for the optimal provision of information for economists.

Our creed: We translate digital with everywhere and anytime.

Our Research Supports Economists in their Daily Work

What does this mean?

  • The ZBW has established one of the largest research departments in Germany to study the digitisation of the science system and to develop innovative infrastructures for you as an economist.
  • Two professors, nine PostDocs and an international team of PhD candidates carry out applied research and develop manifold ways to access millions of economic publications from all over the world.
  • Other departments work to transfer research findings into real-life applications.
  • Our philosophy: We take the findings of international research in economics into the different working environments of scholars. Wherever you are on the internet, be it Google, ResearchGate, Mendeley, Wikipedia or elsewhere, we bring international knowledge in economics to your digital workplace.
  • Our application-oriented research focuses on the digitisation of the science system. The main interests are:
    1. Discovery of scientific information In this field of research we look at the development of new technologies, and here in particular at creating new disciplinary relations based on existing texts and data by using technical processes.
    2. Usage research Usage research at the ZBW looks at the interaction between the development and application of technology. Scientists at Web Science explore usage behaviour, usage patterns and the effects of web-based communication on the working routines of researchers as well as the developments and efficacies of novel publication, research and collaboration processes.
    3. Infrastructure development In addition, the ZBW is also active in the field of research data management. Here the focus is on datasets which are created, used and shared in empirical economic research, such as statistics. The ZBW aims to make research data findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable even across national and disciplinary boundaries (see GO FAIR Initiative). As an infrastructure institution, the ZBW has been active for years in the publication of scholarly information as machine-usable data on the web and the provision of tools and services that allow others to access and re-use these data. One example of this is the Digitale Reichsstatistik.

Take a look at our research laboratory ZBW-Labs:
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